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Our History
Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Theodore Anthony put himself on the map when he custom made bags for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. A controversial couple from the start, many people questioned the relationship between the British royal and the American divorcee. But no one questioned their impeccable taste in luggage. Of course they didn’t. It was T. Anthony.

Marilyn Monroe with TAnthony Beauty case
Marilyn Monroe
From her shimmering red lips to her iconic blonde hair, everything about Marilyn Monroe exuded glamour. 
Even her vibrant red luggage screamed siren. Maybe that’s why we’re still making the collection she requested in 1950 nearly 70 years later.

Jackie O. TAnthony heritage
Jackie O.
The name Jackie O. has always been synonymous with elegance. But then, so has the name T. Anthony. Together, Jackie and her blue T. Anthony luggage made their mark on the 1960s.

The Reagans TAnthony Heritage
Ronald and Nancy Reagan
Before their careers in politics, the Reagan’s were well-known figures on the silver screen. And with ample experience being in the limelight, the pair knew all about looking the part. As president and first lady, the Reagan’s complemented their traveling attire with classic canvas T. Anthony bags. Ronald went with the black, while Nancy spiced things up with the red.
Elton John TAnthony Heritage
Sir Elton John S/B Elton
No one can ever accuse rocker Elton John of Traveling light!
The British press reported many years ago. He was spotted leaving the London's Heathrow Airport for a California vacation with no-less than 42 suitcases. All T.Anthony, perfectly coordinated and marked with the contents of each.
Elton and all the TAnthony suitcases
T. Anthony Today
T. Anthony continues to remain true to the standards that have
carried us into the 21st century. As an American luxury goods house,
our use of the finest leather and materials creates a unique
and elegant product offering, one that is accompanied by innovative
designs and highly skilled craftsmen. The end result is a
product with the look and feel of pure luxury.
Vogue X TAnthony part of history
Shop our complete TAnthony travel Collection.
T. Anthony
T. Anthony

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