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Our commitment to each other, to the environment, to sustainability and ultimately towards a cleaner earth

At T. Anthony we share with our customers a love of this earth and all the beauty, wonder and adventures it has to offer.  It is for this very reason we have been creating luxurious luggage and accessories since 1946.

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of our community.  We are dedicated to implementing environmental improvements that will foster a sustainable company we are proud to be part of and to a work environment that is diverse, ethical, empowering and above all, happy.  

As a global corporate citizen we strive to make a positive impact while delivering innovative products and services.

In our partnerships, we are striving to help cut greenhouse and toxic gasses and reduce waste.

In order to achieve this, some of the myriad of efforts we are making are:

We work with small factories, skilled craftsmen and use hand delivered work wherever possible.  
We plan our production with very long lead times so that we can choose the lowest emission movement of goods.  In our area, we hand deliver customised goods.  

We have taken the decision not to include technology in our products as this adds to the carbon footprint of the piece and technology moves so fast that these items need to be updated constantly and renders the stock obsolete and ultimately toxic waste.

We use Small batch production to reduce waste.

We use local raw materials whenever possible to reduce transportation & cut back on CO2 emissions
We maximize materials whenever possible, making use of every piece so as to cut waste.  
Our dye lots have remained the same for decades so we do not over test or over treat the water we use.  
Our product designs have remained the same for decades so our artisans make and cut exactly what they need and reduce waste.
Our repairs department uses recycled components.
Our monogramming uses the stamping and machine we have had for over 40 years.
We have introduced recycled packaging for our suitcases.

We insist on ethical/fair working conditions in the factories we use and to this end we visit them whether in person or virtually regularly so as to make sure we feel there is a positive environment being fostered and one we can continue to feel proud to be associated with.  

Ultimately, our company produces classic timeless styles that last, we are never about fast fashion.  

This is our commitment to you, our loyal customer.




T. Anthony
T. Anthony

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