T. Anthony

Theodore Anthony Froitzheim

In the early 1920’s, young Theodore Anthony Froitzheim fled German economic turmoil in search of opportunity, ending up in New York as an eighteen year old immigrant.

He soon found employment — and began a lifelong association with fine travel cases and personal leather accessories— first while working at a little-remembered emporium called Dales, and later, as the Manager of the luggage department at Saks.

Theodore’s flair for design caught the attention of beauty product tycoon Elizabeth Arden, who in 1944 recruited him to create custom cases for her line of cosmetics. The pay became seed money for his new business, a luxury line of luggage, named not for the once- struggling German immigrant, but instead for his newly christened alter- ego, T. Anthony.

As a young man with no fear of taking a risk, Theodore took a lease to open his first T. Anthony store on Madison Avenue @ 66th Street. The location was considered “Upper Madison Avenue” and was not the fashionable retail side of Madison Avenue which, at its uppermost reaches, saw the Tiffany boutique on 57th Street.