The World of T. Anthony

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    Red Alligator Trolley

    For those with a taste for panache, this is the ultimate leather accessory. It is crafted of genuine American alligator. Several skins are employed, each perfectly matched for size and color. This is not production-line work. It takes a dedicated artisan an entire week to make just one piece. The red Alligator Trolley not only makes a grand impression. It also absolutely feels like the rarest of luxuries that it is.

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    Hard Canvas Luggage

    The classics have redefined modern travel. These hard-sided travel cases are among a number of early T. Anthony creations that have taken their place in the pantheon of American design. From our very beginnings in 1946, T. Anthony has served an elite clientele, demanding the highest quality in materials and workmanship. The majestic simplicity and integrity of this design speaks to their impeccable taste.

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    Duke and Duchess of Windsor

    In his time, the Duke of Windsor was known for his impeccable taste—and still to this day, he represents the epitome of elegant, cosmopolitan style. The Duke could have been king, but he chose to follow his heart instead, abdicating the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson and live an independent life of freedom and adventure. When he had his luggage custom made by us, our British cousins quietly approved (Understated reserve is a tacit assertion of class rank).

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    Elton John

    After his having been named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1996, HM Queen Elizabeth knighted him in 1996. There is much more to this musical sensation than meets the eye. Notable for the courageous flamboyance of his public performances and persona, he has also spent decades cultivating impeccable tastes, often with a more traditional spin. He is an accomplished art and antiques collector and has spent years devoted to charity—in particular his Elton John AIDS Foundation, an important force in the battle against the disease. Throughout it all, his appetite for quality is unquenchable. In luggage as in life, he embraces the best, which includes an extensive collection of extraordinary cases by T. Anthony.

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    Garbo Talks!

    This is a funny private anecdote, related to us by the star’s grandson. It had apparently become a family favorite (perhaps at our own expense—but it happened long ago, and at T. Anthony we promise to never take ourselves too seriously!). So, back in her heyday, the famed beauty—one of the few to successfully transition from the silent screen to the talkies—wanted us to engrave her beautiful new set of T. Anthony suitcases. “One G, please,” she announced, imperiously. The skilled engraver—an Italian of earnest character—took her at her word and literally impressed the monogram: 1G. It resembled more the apartment number of a posh Park Avenue apartment (a prescient foreshadowing of Bergdorf Goodman’s 5F) than a name. Ever a high queen of fashion, when her new set of bags was delivered to her suites, Garbo took one look and fell in love. Somehow it had even more distinction than just the one ‘G’ on its own.

    Greta Garbo is a registered trademark and the property of HBC.

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    Jackie O.

    Known for her sense of personal grace and chic, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis set the pace of style for a generation and remains today one of the most inspirational fashion icons the world has ever known. A world traveler, she was not infrequently seen with her signature blue T. Anthony luggage in tow—the very picture of perfect elegance.

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    John Lennon

    Perfectly at home with Yoko in The Dakota, he was also nonetheless perfectly at ease out in the world, wherever his journey took him. He meandered into T. Anthony one day at the height of his celebrity and placed an extensive order for a matching suite of cases crafted in fine black leather—thorough preparedness for lifetimes of adventure.

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    Marilyn Monroe

    She did it her way. Everything about Marilyn Monroe exuded glamour, from her shimmering red lips to her iconic blonde hair. The luggage she had us custom-design for her in 1950 is every bit as polished and vibrant. Maybe that’s why it’s still so popular today, 60 years hence.

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    Theodore Anthony

    The success of our founder, Theodore Anthony was driven by a simple formula: beautifully-made cases, as handsome as they are sturdy. Prior to opening his own luggage shop in 1946 on Upper Madison Avenue in Manhattan, he designed cosmetics cases for Elizabeth Arden. Today, T. Anthony remains true to his original vision. No alteration can improve on the firm adherence to these fundamentals.

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    The Store Today

    T. Anthony remains true to our heritage as a time-honored purveyor of world-class luggage, cases and accessories. On the one hand, we are a destination, serving an elite clientele. Many of our designs are classics, notable for their understated, iconic simplicity and the look and feel of pure luxury.

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    Richard Nixon

    Our 37th President rose to prominence in the midst of the social upheavals of the 1960s. Hardly a paragon of civic virtue, he was nonetheless a figure of undeniable dignity and panache, and his conservative personal style influenced a generation. Few exemplified the cosmopolitan sophistication of the times more than the 37th President of the United States, Richard Milhous Nixon. He traveled the world with his T. Anthony black canvas.

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    Darling, Give Me Park Avenue!

    By the early 1960s, a Park Avenue Penthouse was considered absolutely synonymous with the apogee of glamour. But it was the street level that gave it its charm. Few streets in the world possessed this degree of cosmopolitan distinction. Theodore Anthony had already long established himself as the confidante of Upper East Side society and personal go-to guy for luxury suitcases. Today Park Ave is as bustling as ever, and T. Anthony holds its roots strong on the corner of 56th and Park. The store’s modern aesthetic and spacious layout welcomes Manhattanites and travelers alike to explore all the exquisite merchandise T. Anthony has to offer.

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    Ronald and Nancy Reagan

    Even before his charm and wit helped to redefine the American presidency, Ronald Reagan was already a screen legend. Nancy too. And, in style as in politics, they stood together—one of America’s most highly esteemed couples, head and shoulders above the crowd. They were also seasoned travelers, always at home wherever they were, and cutting a dashing profile with their trusty T. Anthony luggage in tow. Ronald went with the black. Nancy, with the red. The world was their oyster.

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    Travel Bar

    It is happy hour at any hour. By a mountain stream or on a locomotive crossing continents, there are always those who like to take a piece of civilization with them. This leather travel bar designed and crafted by Theodore Anthony in the 1940s brought together in one convenient case, all the implements, accoutrements and libations one might need to toast the journey in high style. Although we are no longer producing travel bars, we still bring the same love of fine leathercraft and fancy compartments to a complete line of exquisite jewelry boxes. our greatest treasures are every bit as luxurious.

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    Travel Book Case

    It has long been a tradition when traveling the world to bring along one’s favorite toys—or, as in this case, books. This is an early piece by T. Anthony, reflecting the sensibilities of our founder. The cosmetics cases he designed for the legendary Elizabeth Arden were masterpieces of complication, far beyond what we have grown accustomed to in more modern times. Projects like this—and the fancy jewelry boxes we still sell today—excited him, reflecting a world view: everything in its proper place. For many, enjoying such pieces can help define a way of life—as for example this book case, dearly cherished and avidly used by renowned playwright Tom Stoppard. Indeed, so much so that even the New York Times took notice.

the world of t. anthony hand of the artisan

We live in an era of perpetual change. Huge advancements in technology happen daily. Endless information is available with the push of a keyboard, the touch of a tablet or press of a mobile phone. We want everything bigger, better, and faster. Thanks to the 21st century developments, our wants, wishes, and dreams are all possible.

We at T. Anthony are sometimes asked if our methods are somewhat archaic; our time-consuming natural tanning process, our handcrafting of each product, our insistence on the highest standards of quality. We answer that question quite simply; the effort is worthwhile. We believe the skilled artistry and the use of the finest leather and materials that we can realize our standard of excellence.